How it Works & FAQ’s

All designs are original creations by Amy and made for you to print on your home printer or with your local quick print shop.


Once you purchase a product, you will be emailed a downloadable digital zip file and can print it as much as you’d like. These digital files are not intended for sharing with friends or for anything other than personal use.

  • You must have the Free Adobe Reader to be able to view and print your PDF files. Make sure you have the latest version for your files to work correctly.
  • All products are digital files and intended to be printed on your home printer. (Colors may vary depending on type of printer, paper and computer system.)
  • If you don’t have a printer, you can contact your local quick print shop or print online by uploading each individual pdf file to FedEx Office’s online printing service. (We are not affiliated with FedEx, so please contact them for more questions.) If you use a commercial printer, be sure to show them the “Terms of Use” included in your files. We recommend you approve a PROOF of one page before printing your entire order.


Printing & Paper Suggestions

  • If you shop local, Epson and Staples brands are both good. Try the double-sided Matte paper. Get the thickest paper you can find.
  • Amy uses a large format Canon i9900 Photo printer. She has been very happy with the Canon brand for home printers.
  • To save ink, don’t use the high quality photo setting. Most other settings will work just fine for non-photographic prints.


Creative Ideas for Party Printables

When everything is printed out, it’s time to get creative with how you use the designs. Here are few ideas:

  • The circle tags are fun for party favor bags, cupcake toppers, cake pop sticks, or decorations for the table such as using a ribbon to wrap around a candy jar and then stick the tag over the ribbon.
  • To make cupcake toppers, get some plain white lollipop sticks (available in the candy/baking area of most craft stores). Attach one of the tags to the stick with tape and place the stick in the center of the cupcake. Depending on the size of your cupcakes you may need to cut the stick down a bit, just make sure you test it out next to the cupcake before you stick the first one into the real thing! Tie a ribbon around it for even more cuteness!
  • If your collection comes with scrapbook paper, it’s perfect for displaying memories from the celebration after it’s over. I also love to use the paper as place mats, napkin rings, line cake stands, punch circles and make pretty garland with string or to make confetti by using a regular paper hole punch or small shaped punches.
  • Water bottle labels can also double as jar labels if you want to give guests a little treat as they leave the party. Just cut out the label and attach it to the jar with double stick tape.



I downloaded the files, but did not receive them. Can you email them to me?

Please check your “download” folder. If you cannot find the files, go to your computer’s search, enter the name of the party you purchased. Then if you still cannot find them, email us.


I can’t get the files to open what should I do?

You must have the Free Adobe Reader to be able to view and print your PDF files. Make sure you have the latest version for your files to work correctly.

The lastest software installed on computers will automatically open a zip file when you double click it. If not, your computer doesn’t have software already built in, so you will need to install a zip file decompression software.

Two popular free decompression software programs are WinZip and WinRar.


I changed my mind, can I get a refund?

Sorry, because you will be getting the product immediately after purchasing there will be no refunds. If you have problems getting the file to work, contact us to discuss options. Thanks!

** Please note: These are digital files that will be emailed to you after you purchase. You will NOT receive items via US mail.


Can I purchase the cupcake toppers or invitation only?

No, I’m sorry my party designs only come in packs. It’s actually cheaper for the customer this way.  If I sold them separately, I would have to charge a lot more per item because of the 3rd party service I use to deliver files. So you would pay the same for one item as 8-10 items in the pack.


Can you print the files and mail them to me?

No, I am not able to mail product to everyone which is why I created printable files that you can print yourself.


Can you design a specific party theme just for me?

I do not design parties on request. I work each day with several businesses and in my spare time designs for this shop.


What size of water bottle works for your labels? Do you laminate the labels to keep them dry?

A 16.9 oz Nestle Pure Life water bottle works great for my labels. I have used my grocery store’s generic brand as well in the past and those worked also. I do not chill my water so normal paper works fine.


I typed in my details but they are not there when I print. What do I do now?

After adding your details, try doing a “Save As” and save the file as a different name to your desktop. You can also try to save it as a jpg instead of a PDF.


Can I change the colors and style of the fonts?

No, Adobe Acrobat Reader does not allow edits on the text. Most party invitations are designed with customizable text fields so you can add your own details (name, date, address, etc) before printing, but the text is usually black or the color you see in the photo.


Why do you use a generic looking font? I thought I could customize it. I want something more hand written looking and cute.

Not everyone likes hand written or cute fonts, or has them on their desktop. Many people are confused on how to download their own fonts as well. So using something generic that comes with most computer systems works well for most customers. Adobe Acrobat does not give the end user the option to change the fonts yet. Maybe someday soon they will.


Can you change the colors on a party pack for me?

Sorry, I am not able to customize designs at this time.


Can I print your invitations on 5×7 photo paper?

All files are set up on Letter sized paper. The invitations are usually 5×7, two per page. You will have to trim them. We use an inexpensive paper trimmer from an office supply store. You can also use an exacto knife and ruler or scissors.


Where do I find paper punches?

We recommend 2″ squeeze punches for the most accurate cut. You can find them on or at your local craft stores.